Morocco has fascinated travelers for centuries. Blending the European influence of the Moors with the nomadic Berber caravans, the country combines unique food, architecture and history. Explore Tangier and  , the UNESCO world heritage city of Fes . An extraordinary journey through time. Morocco promises to delight and amaze.





 Visit Tangier, Asilah, Larache, and Fes on a four-days tour ,
Guaranteed departure every day all year around.

Day 1, Tangiers / Fes.
You will meet your host at the pier in Tangier, Morocco. We start by  exploring the magnificent  Medina of Tangier. Option Lunch . Early after noon, departure to Asilah, The fortified Portuguese city, 46 kilometers south of Tangiers, on the Atlantic coast. Check in at your hotel in Asilah then, visit The Bab Homar, the Berber Kasbah, and the Palace of Raisouli and enjoy the relaxing ambiance and quaint beauty of the town. If visiting in August you will have the added enjoyment of the International Festival, a month-long cultural event encompassing art exhibitions and musical performances. departure to Fes and continue an other journey south through the Rif Mountains with a possible stop in Larache, then depart to the most ancient Imperial City of Morocco,  Dinner and overnight at your scheduled hotel in Fes.

Day 3, Fes
After breakfast, full-day tour of the city of Fes, The Holy City of Fes is a jewel of Spanish-Arabic civilization. Fes does not reveal its secrets easily. Secretive, shadowy, they need to be discovered little by little, with reverence. Only in this way can the splendors of Medrsa architecture be fully appreciated. Only in this way will the call of the medina tempt you. Bustling with artisans and merchants, its captivating sounds, fragrances and colors mesmerize the visitor with a constant swirl of activity. The city of Moulay Idriss 1st, sanctuary of human and moral sciences.

The great À Karaouiyne University bas for eleven centuries been a religions and intellectual center whose influence bas spread far beyond the Kingdom's boundaries.

In 789, a pick-axe of silver and gold -"fas" in Arabic - was presented to Idriss 1st to use in tracing the outlines of the city. Hence the name of the city, which lies at the far eastern end of the plain of Saïss, bordered to the south by the hills outlying the Atlas Mountains. Cradle of religions, cultural and artistic traditions, Fes, the double city, is the kingdom's spiritual capital. The Andalusia mosque, dating from the 9th century, and further embellished by successive rulers, is accessed through a mighty door of sculpted cedar. An imposing minaret decorated with green faiences crowns the Rsif Mosque. The Medersas around the Karaouiyne Mosque, former lodging houses for students coming from outside the city, attest the importance of its thousand years of history. In the Medina, a labyrinth of sloping, winding alleyways are crammed full of stalls and workshops. This is the famed Kissaria -the commercial center. A multitude of locally produced goods are on sale in this incredible maze-cotton fabric, silk, brocade work, slippers, and many more.

The craftsmen of the El Attarine souks offer the visitor a non-stop spectacle. For hundreds of years such work bas been regulated by traditional guilds, ensuring that its quality is worthy of the city. Each district has its own specialty : cobalt blue enameled pottery, carpets, wrought iron ... one looks on as the dyer stirs his yarns, steeped in their multitude of colors, as the tanner tramples his skins under an open sky -skins that the leather-worker will eventually adorn with fine gilt for book-binding . Leaving the souks through the Boujeloud gate with its decoration of green and blue faiences, the riches contained in the wonderful Museum of Moroccan Art await one Optional lunch at the Medina and shopping in the afternoon. Dinner and overnight at the hotel

Day 3: Special excursion to Meknes / Moulay Idriss / Volubilis
After breakfast , departure to Meknes via Volubilis and Moulay Idris. This excursion embodies much of Morocco's early history - Volubilis as Its Roman provincial capital, Moulay Idris in the creation of the country's first Arab dynasty , optional lunch at Berber restauran in the holy city of Moulay Idris, then back to Fes . Dinner and overnight at your scheduled hotel.

Day 4, Tangiers / Algeciras or Gibraltar
Depart Fes, traveling along the Atlantic coast. En route back to Tangiers, stop at the beach for a short camel ride. Evening departure to Gibraltar or Algeciras.

Your camel awaits for you !!!

Our tour includes

Deluxe car with an English speaking driver as a guide throughout the trip from the pier  back to the pier

Local Guides for sightseeing,  including all entrance fees as listed.

Meals as indicated in itinerary :Daily breakfast and choice in-between lunch or dinner,

Frequently Asked Question

The ferry from Algeciras, normally, takes two and a half hours to get to Tangiers. Hydrofoil one hour Leave Algeciras at 9 in the morning come back at 3:00 pm local time.

Should you use the Parking at the port in Algeciras the cost per day  is about in Spanish Pesetas  Ptas 1200 / US$8.

All the above info is subject to change.

With us, you will fall in love with Morocco

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Budget Travel recently came up with their own top ten "travel inspiring" movies released in the last year, with the Bourne Ultimatum coming in at number one thanks to six countries featured in the film and an exciting rooftop chase through the ancient medina of Tangiers (above). Although Martha blogged about this a few weeks ago,[View More]

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